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Helping sports coaches power-up their skills, leadership and lives




Sports coaching is an amazing and a rewarding profession, a career where you are the stewart of the personal and athletic development of the young people who will be our future leaders. It is a job where we are constantly striving to be better. Professional Development keeps us on the cutting edge, whether it is attending coaching conferences; visiting other coaches or programs; searching the web for a new perspective on a particular topic, you are always moving forward.  Sometimes there are situations where there will be no resource or web page that will give you immediate help.  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Dealing with the challenges of one of your athletes;
  • A challenge with a fellow coach or staff member;
  • Working with an challenging parent;
  • Helping your Board see your vision and working to a common goal;
  • Staying ahead of the competition.

How are you going to power-up your skills to deal with one or all of these challenges? It is very simple, you can get all the help you will need with some coaching sessions with Coach Craig.

I’m Craig, A Professional Coach. A Life Coach and a Swimming Coach and I am ready to help you take your coaching and life to the next level!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Coaching and teaching is my passion and I have been doing it my whole adult life. Whether it is helping a young person achieve their goals in academics, sports and life or sharing my knowledge and experience with coaches who have the desire to build amazing people and athletes, it is something that gets me charged up each and everyday.  There are no short cuts when you are pursuing a dream, a goal or a career, but there are always of speeding up your journey. I am that power-up that will help you to get to your destination in a sooner.

Start your journey to improving your performance right now by powering up your coaching


Even coaches need coaching!

Whether you are coach early in your career or a veteran, there are challenges that need to be overcome. Perhaps it is working with a challenging athlete, colleague or Board; setting and achieving your professional and personal goals; finding a better work-life balance.   How are you going to power-up your skills to deal with one or all of these challenges? Power-up your performance with some one-on-one coaching sessions with Coach Craig.

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Learn about the power of mentoring

If you are looking to speed up your development as a coach there is one sure fire way to make that happen. Find someone who has done what you want to do, a mentor. Mentoring is about working with a coach to find out how you can power-up your skills. Working with Coach Craig will allow you to gain mastery in the areas of your coaching that you feel you need to upgrade. To have complimentary mentoring session, power-up below.

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There is power in numbers

The coaching collective is a powerful entity. Getting a group of coaches from different sports together in a learning and teaching environment will result in a collaborative and productive session that will help us evolve our skills. Working with a coaching staff to achieve a particular goals will enhance the performance of their athletes and the organization. Power-up with a group coaching session as a professional development opportunity.

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Why do I need a life coach?

“Do it All, Do it For You,”  Neil Pasricha – The Happiness Equation

Coaching is a demanding profession and it entails many hours and many sacrifices. It seems that there are not enough hours in the day or a week. But I will assure you that there are enough hours to do it all.  Do you desire to achieve work-life balance, produce amazing people-athletes and reach all your personal and professional goals.  Sound good? It can all be achieved with the help of a Coach Craig.  Through one-on-one sessions, asking powerful questions and you creating a shift in perspective and then following through on the actions you decide, you can Do it All.

Think Differently

Through being asked powerful questions, you will start looking at your world through a different lens and the actions you take will move your world forward in the direction you desire.

Gain insight into Yourself

As you go through your coaching sessions, your personal and professional perspectives may change and you will gain insight into yourself both as a coach and a person.

Work-Life Balance

Your work-life balance will recalibrate as you begin to see and feel the changes you are implementing as your perspectives changes about the important things in your life and at your work.

Like attracts like

The change you have implemented  and the positive energy you exude is infectious. Your athletes and staff will feel your energy and start to match it. Momentum is growing.


It is important that you follow through and ensure that the change you make is permanent. Your coach will work with you to keep you on track and always moving forward


Look forward to enjoying your job and your life the way it should be. Do it All, Do it For You.


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What my clients say

My experience working with Craig was very positive. In addition to our discussion that focused on specific challenges that I am experiencing in my coaching, we collaboratively came up with practical ideas that I was able to consider in my practice. His experiences and his perspective proved useful when discussing some of the ongoing and common but critically important challenges that club coaches face both technically and socially. Craig’s experiences as a club coach and a veteran of the national team shone through in this experience, and I would highly recommend other coaches to consider his support.

Nathan Kindrachuk, BKinHead Coach, Olympian Swim Club, Edmonton Alberta

The session was incredibly helpful on many levels. Firstly and most importantly it gave me a forum to explore areas of need in my coaching; which I’m happy to say was really rewarding. Secondly, because I coach a younger group and generally don’t attend swim meets, it means I’m not always exposed to opportunities for technical discussions. Yesterday’s session helped ignite my passion for swimming, it made me think about providing a better service to my athletes and ultimately improving my knowledge base. I loved the thoughtful questions you asked, and felt your responses were supportive and came from a sound, expansive background.

Crystal ThomasCoach, Terrace Bluebacks Swim Club, Terrace BC
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