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Coaching Services


Individual coaching is a one on one conversation with Coach Craig where deep listening and meaning questioning will be used to help the client explore a topic of their choosing which will generate a set of takeaways that may include a shift in perspective; a solution or solutions and set of next steps and action items. Areas where coaching can help may include:

  • Communication challenges
  • Work-life Balance
  • Working with Parents and Boards of Directors
  • Getting more from your staff and athletes
  • Any topic you feel will enhance your performance as a coach


Mentoring is defined as teaching a person to upgrade their skills based on the mentor’s knowledge and experience. In the Always Forward Coaching context, mentoring is one on one conversation with Coach Craig where he will share his experience and knowledge on the client’s topic of choice and help enhance the client’s knowledge and skills. The session may be purely mentoring or a hybrid coaching-mentoring session. Areas where mentoring can help may include:

  • Season Planning
  • Technical Knowledge Upgrades
  • Working with Disabled Athletes
  • How to use Technology
  • Gap Anaylsis

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a group session where deep listening and meaningful question is used to enhance the performance of both the individual coach and the team. It can come in a number of forms including:

  • Working with a coaching staff to improve overall performance both as a group and with individuals.
  • Professional Development by attending an Always Forward Group Coaching Series. For information on Always Forward Group Coaching Series click to
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Other Services


Coach Craig provides Keynote Addresses and Presentations to clubs, organizations and groups.


Always Forward – The Pursuit of Excellence as a practice
What Makes Us Smile – The Five Things We Need!


Coach Craig has worked in sport for the last 35 years from grassroots to international level and in both the club coaching system and high performance system and both in the Olympic and Paralympic stream. Areas where Coach Craig will consult:

  • Program Development
    • Swim Clubs both Olympic and Paralympic programming
    • Disability Swimming Programming grassroots to International
  • Performance Reviews
  • Long term Athlete Development
  • Podium Pathway
  • Evidence Based Athlete Development and Coaching


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