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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a co-creative process where the coach and client work together as partners. It is a very simple process, so simple in fact, that all we are going to do is chat. It is a chat where I ask you questions about your topic of choice and we have a two-way open conversation.

What will I get out of a Life Coaching session?

Once you determine your topic, we will chat during our 50-minute session. You and the coach will work together to help you better understand your topic and you will come up with personal insights; a shift in perspective; a solution or solutions and potentially generate some next steps or action items.

What is the Life Coach’s role?

The coach’s role is to help you do the work to make a shift in your thinking and actions. Through the coach asking open-ended questions and deep listening, the coach moves forward in your world;  develop a set of actions and help you be accountable in following-up on the actions you determined.

What is the difference between Life Coach and Therapist?

A Life Coach is a certified coaching professional that will help you make change in your life. A therapist may be a medical or para-medical professional who is capable treating diagnosed conditions. If a Life Coach feels that they cannot help the client, they will recommend that they seek professional help with the appropriate practitioner.


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