Coach Craig McCord at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games


About Me

Craig McCord > Ottawa-based Life Coach and Sports Coach

Answer this simple question, “My life would be better if only what…?” and you will have an idea why  one-on-one coaching sessions with Coach Craig at Always Forward Coaching can help you keep moving forward in multiple areas.

The Olympic motto translated is “swifter, higher, stronger”; life and sports performance keeps moving forward at an astonishing pace, how are you going to keep up?  Always Forward Coaching can help.

Always Forward Coaching is a life coaching experience that can help sports coaches’ improve their lives, leadership and skills to make their journey through the sports .

I am Craig McCord, The Coach‘s Coach.

I help sports coaches create a life balance so that they have the ability to coach better than they ever have before; produce better athletes than they every have and bring a joy, happiness and energy to their world that will take their lives, career, sport and athlete’s performances to new levels.

Life Coach Craig McCord at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

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