Pay Yourself First

The world of coaching regardless of the sport is a very demanding career and requires sacrifices on all levels. There are the visible hours and non-visible hours. The visible hours are those when you are actually at practice training them for competition; the at competition hours. The invisible hours are those hours where you are planning; constructing workouts; various meetings and then travel time.

In Neil Pasricha’s book “The Happiness Equation,” he looks at a week as 168 hours and divides that into 3 pots: 56 hours sleep (really is that true for any of us); 56 hours of work time (really!!!) and 56 hours of your time.  So I am guessing that there is a bit of swing in the work, sleep ratio. So my question to all of you what do you do with your 56 hours of your time?

As I said above, it is a demanding job physically and psychologically. Are you using your 56 hours of your time to take care of you and your family?  Back in the 80’s -90”s a popular beginner investment book called “ The Wealthy Barber” by a David Chilton pointed out an amazing concept. PAY YOURSELF FIRST!. Put some money in the bank for that rainy day or retirement before you give your hard earned dough to others.

I am going to propose to you a modification on the PAY YOURSELF FIRST concept in terms of your 56 hours of your time. It takes both physical and mental energy to help your athletes reach their goals. If we are exhausted, sleep deprived and unhealthy, can we really preach to our athletes the need to act like a professional. The laws of attraction apply right here.  You give positive energy and passion to your athletes in your daily training environment, you are going to get it right back. Momentum will build and anything is possible.

So how are you going to PAY YOURSELF FIRST each day?  There are many ways:

·         A daily exercise regime, simple or complex, it will make you better.

·         Mindfulness, simple breathing, and meditation – can you give yourself 10 minutes a day.

·         Feed yourself by reading something outside your sport.

·         Spend time with your partner or kids doing something that makes you smile.

·         Smile more!

·         Anything you want that is not related to work.


So in closing, I challenge you for the next month to PAY YOURSELF FIRST out of your 56 hours of you time. I am guessing that the other parts of your world will respond with an equal amount of growth.

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